INDIA – With SA Tourism

We have returned from our Tourism Road Show with SA Tourism – INDIA

It has been another successful visit and were hoping to get our share of the Indian market growing in strength as visitors to South Africa.

This year has a number of challenges for us. Were also looking to a fruitful winter as our river operations will be back up in full swing and pumping with adrenaline adventure. If you haven’t booked one of our half day river trips …… perhaps 2013 is a good year to start living.

Our future prospects look exceptionally well as we have a multitude of activities lined up – we will also lunch our newest extension to the SA Forest Adventure Family – Trophy Hunting in May. – This might not appeal to everyone but it is a niche market we need to tap into.

Ultimately we have a very strong foot hold in the Western Cape and our extensions to areas such as Gauteng and KZN seems to be inevitable – keep your eyes on this as we might announce the new sites with in the next few months. The Cape Town sight will also be revealed shortly.

We are undoubtedly one of the leaders in Multi Disciplined Adventure Activities in South Africa.

With a large range of products in our arsenal we provide all the adventure seekers the thrill they require – Some of our newest products we might invest in could be a High Speed Boat, Paragliding or Sky Diving.

The Month of April will see one of the biggest events in South Africa hosted and sponsored by SA Forest Adventures. More on this once our media partners have the official launch. So watch this space.

Hope to see some of you on any of our 4 adventure farms in the up and coming months – remember my slogan for 2013 “The Year to start living”


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Hermanus Forest Theatre

Hermanus Forest Theatre  - Chris Chameleon

1st October
Magic of the Hermanus Forest Theatre:

Set in the backdrop of the Hemel & Aarde Valley the locals embrace the daring new concept of the captivating Forest Amphitheatre with the wonderfully talented Chris Chameleon as its draw card. Located amidst the vegetation and towering green trees on the Camphill road, the Amphitheatre was carved and created with out any building or construction – all natural products form the farm have been used for the sole purpose of mesmerizing guests with the undeniably beauty of our natural environment. Strolling in the shadows, with the buzz of the insects in the undergrowth and the birds calling in the canopies above the enormous capacity of the Amphitheatre overwhelms you.

As sunlight escapes the branches, streams of light dances on guests all eagerly filling into the theatre. Guests sitting comfortably on professionally built slopes, amongst the trees and natural sounds of the forest all waiting eagerly - anticipating the arrival of the performer – Chris Chameleon.

Lights illuminating the branches casting shadows on the world below, the theatre is cast in an eerie glow mesmerizing visitors with this rare offering. Dazzling lights spun spontaneously around the tree trunks contribute to the exquisite forest surrounding in the evenings leaving you breathless, as the night sky glows down on the theatre the blackness of the forest is illuminated creating an enchanting world. The light reflecting from the branches onto the stage radiates the performer in a magical glow as the night sounds of the animals and insects envelop visitors, the music drifts into the air swallowed by the thickets. The main focus of the theatre, the stage, unlike any other leads from a dilapidated old dwelling.

The walls of a dwelling weathered down with the passing years by the elements, provide a remarkable entrance for the performer. A sense of timelessness emit from the dwelling ensnaring the entire Amphitheatre captivating the audience attention building expectancy. A visit to the performance of Chris Chameleon at the Hermanus Forest Theatre will create memories leaving an impression on any visitor introduced a space where nature and man collide. For more information on the Chris Chameleon performance please brows the website!

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