Hermanus Adventure Upgrade

New Upgraded Zipline Experience in Hermanus and at our Caledon Adventure Farm as well.

Two of our current adventure farms (in Hermanus and the other in Caledon along the N2) have undergone upgrades to enhance the guests experience even further.

The Hermanus Zip lines now extend in to the mountain and zip lining over a small waterfall between the Poplar Trees and Canyon makes this an even more memorable experience. To also further enhance the experience we have created a large quad train to transport guests up to the starting point – no more long walks to get to the start.

The Caledon Zip lines (N2) have now extended with 2 longer additional cables – the start is basically from our office stoep and the end now zip lines over a stream into our lushes Ivy Forest with massive Poplar trees surrounding the end.

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INDIA – With SA Tourism

We have returned from our Tourism Road Show with SA Tourism – INDIA

It has been another successful visit and were hoping to get our share of the Indian market growing in strength as visitors to South Africa.

This year has a number of challenges for us. Were also looking to a fruitful winter as our river operations will be back up in full swing and pumping with adrenaline adventure. If you haven’t booked one of our half day river trips …… perhaps 2013 is a good year to start living.

Our future prospects look exceptionally well as we have a multitude of activities lined up – we will also lunch our newest extension to the SA Forest Adventure Family – Trophy Hunting in May. – This might not appeal to everyone but it is a niche market we need to tap into.

Ultimately we have a very strong foot hold in the Western Cape and our extensions to areas such as Gauteng and KZN seems to be inevitable – keep your eyes on this as we might announce the new sites with in the next few months. The Cape Town sight will also be revealed shortly.

We are undoubtedly one of the leaders in Multi Disciplined Adventure Activities in South Africa.

With a large range of products in our arsenal we provide all the adventure seekers the thrill they require – Some of our newest products we might invest in could be a High Speed Boat, Paragliding or Sky Diving.

The Month of April will see one of the biggest events in South Africa hosted and sponsored by SA Forest Adventures. More on this once our media partners have the official launch. So watch this space.

Hope to see some of you on any of our 4 adventure farms in the up and coming months – remember my slogan for 2013 “The Year to start living”


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Team Building and Events Pricing for 2013

Customize your event by selecting the activities you would require:

Obstacle course                                                      R95 p.p
Wall climbing 10 meter wall                                   R80 p.p
Archery                                                                      R95 p.p
Quads                                                             From  R450 p.p
Tree Top Slides (ziplines) Short route                R200 p.p
Tree Top Slides (ziplines) full route                    R400 p.p
Mountain bike trail                                                  R300 p.p
Hiking trail                                                                R50 p.p
Paintball (target shooting)                                    R70 p.p

Paintball full game from                                        R250 p.p
White Water Rafting                                                R550p.p
Black Water Tubing                                               R550 p.p
Sand Boarding                                                       R350 p.p
Raft Building                                                           R400 p.p
Adventure Cooking – Read Steady Cook         R350 p.p
Amazing Race event From                                  R600 p.p

The following can be combined in any form of team building. From competitive amazing race events to simply a normal team building excursion. We cater for all your needs.

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Teambuilding in Hermanus

Breaking News: Teambuilding in Hermanus – Transport

We will drive your Group 20 to 200 guests for team building from Cape Town to Our Adventure Farm in a Luxury Air Conditioned Coach from Cape Town and Back at the cost of R4000.00 for 60 passengers and less. (On availability)
Now Hermanus Teambuilding is even more affordable and with out the hassles of driving.

Hope to see you soon in Hermanus!

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Team Building Hermanus

Our new seasons team building prices have just been released.

The following can be combined in any form of teambuilding. From competitive amazing race events to simply a normal team building excursion. We cater for all your needs.

We offer the following onsite (all on one farm Hermanus Forest Adventures) (price per person quoted below)
Customize your event by selecting the activities you would require

Obstacle course                                                  R40 p.p
Wall climbing 10 meter wall                                 R50 p.p
Archery                                                              R75 p.p
Quads (circular route)                                         R100 p.p
Quads (full route)                                                R400 p.p
Tree Top Slides (ziplines) Short route                  R100 p.p
Tree Top Slides (ziplines) full route                      R300 p.p
Mountain bike trail                                               R200 p.p
Hiking trail                                                           R50 p.p
Paintball (target shooting)                                     R50 p.p
Paintball full game from                                        R200 p.p

The sky is the limit with what we can offer as we specialize in events and team building excursions in and around the Cape Whale Coast and Hermanus


Contact us if you require a perfectly tailor made team building event.

083 517 3635

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Thank you for the feedback!!! Guest comment!!

Word of mouth is by far the best advertising method as I have personally discovered of late. It was a major coincidence that my sister in law had travelled to Hermanus the previous month. She kept ranting and raving about Hermanus Forest Adventures, an adventure famer situated ideally amidst the slopes of the hemel and aarde valley. Not only did the scenery sound out of this world, the activities left me breathless so I could not resist finding out for myself. More than curious my husband, children and I set off on a day trip to Hermanus last weekend, and were we amazed when we visited Hermanus Forest Adventures. All my expectations were filled and more. Located majestically among the rise and slopes of the wine valley we enjoyed a tremendous day of fun filled activities, from tree tops, to quad bikes, paintballing and even ‘wall climbing’. I was stupefied when the guide took as a family quad biking through private vine yards to the very top of the imposing mountains encircling the valley. The look out over Hermanus was magnificent and the guide told us some intermeeting facts and I could not help capture this moment on camera as I snapped away at the family and scenery. The children had a blast racing through the puddles and the wilderness left one speechless as we witnessed some wild baboons and deer along the way. While the kids became more acquainted with the quad bikes which are really easy to manoeuvre and handle as they are automatic, my husband and I did some wine tasting with the quad bikes. This was defiantly a memorable experience as I would never have thought it could be such an enjoyable activity driving from vine-yard to vine yard tasting local wines. The quad biking was invigorating and personally the 1:30minutes flew b to quickly as we drove with the bikes though the slopes of the mountains. Back at the adventure farm my daughter begged us to go Tree Top sliding, she did not have to ask twice as I watched another tourist glide past us among the canopy of trees laughing soundly. This was yet another unique experience. The guide securely and professionally strapped us into harnesses and the fun began. The tree tops is defiantly a activity I would recommend, as one slides from tree to tree laughing carefree high in the canopy of the trees. The view of the lush trees upon trees with the sound of nature all around will most defiantly be imprinted into my mind for as long as I live. The longest and most daring slide was ......meters long, a little daunting but definitely worth the slide! Adrenaline coursed through my veins, but my children squealed in delight and I am glad I participated on the long slide as it is an experience of a life time. After the slides we watched a large bachelor party part-take in paintball. This alone was enjoyable to watch as the players hide under the bunkers, some dashing amidst the trees and others guarding the tree houses. My husband and sons decided to play along and I watched thrilled as the paintballs left the markers and either found their targets or the vegetation. The boisterous laughter and smoke bombs was intoxicating. Covered in paint and exhausted my sons were not done yet. We each took a turn to climb the ‘wall climb’ the adventure farm also had to offer. The climb was strenuous but such fun as once again a harness is professionally tied around your waist and you pull yourself up along the ledges comparing fastest times. At the end of the day we left ecstatic and more than satisfied we had driven to Hermanus Forest Adventure. The staff was friendly and efficient and the activities out of this world. Definitely a day filled with fun I would recommend!

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